Saturday, March 24, 2007

Feeling Better

It's been a few days, but I've been very busy and feeling pretty ill. I went to the doctor on Thursday and I was fine. Then he gave me a tetanus shot and not only did my arm hurt, but Friday I had a fever and horrible joint pain. Luckily today I feel MUCH better. I don't know if it was the vaccine that made me feel terrible or if I just was exposed to other people’s nasty germs at his office, but something definitely kicked my butt yesterday.

I also had a WW weigh-in on Thursday. The verdict is down 2.9 more pounds! That makes the total since getting back on the wagon in February -14 pounds. I have 6 more pounds to go before the horse show.

The only downside to my success is my show clothes are now going to be too big. My jackets were a little large to begin with and now they are going to really hang. I think I'll get them altered after the show is over, but it takes forever to have alterations done in this town. I may end up buying a new pair of breeches. I have show breeches that were a little too small last year. I haven't tried them on this year, so maybe I'll get lucky and they will fit. I found them on eBay for $40.00 and they originally cost almost $300! If you aren't familiar with the horse world...everything is expensive. I try to buy most of my stuff on sale/clearance or on eBay. The only thing I will not compromise on is a new saddle. Frosty is a very difficult horse to fit and therefore finding the right saddle is proving to be a bit of a chore. I have a few ideas, but I may end up having the saddle fitter lady come to the barn and take a look at him. I also need to find him new boots. The galloping boots I have don't fit him. The hind boots are okay for dressage and stadium jumping, but not suitable for cross-country. So far, I haven't had any luck finding a pair that is in my price range, will fit him, and are appropriate for multiple disciplines. I plan on using the same boots for stadium jumping and cross country and just wrapping him in polo wraps for dressage. Did I mention I HATE polo wraps? They are a TOTAL pain, but they look so nice!

Time to go! Enjoy the weekend!

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