Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The race is on!

It has been a busy week already! Today I mowed and trimmed the grass and then went to the gym and ran 3.2 miles. My time was exactly 37 minutes. I was doing the hill mode on the elliptical, which made me a little slower then usual. I decided not to run the 5 mile race this weekend. Instead, I'm starting with the 5K. If I make it through the 5K alive, I'll step it up next time.

Good night!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Run....sort of

I decided to run today. I've been jogging around the neighborhood for the last few weeks, but today was the first serious "run." Jarret and I went a little over six miles. I didn't die, so that is a positive. I am determined to become some sort of a runner. I will never be fast. My legs are just too short and stubby for speed. I am convinced that if I get into this running thing, I will make it to my goal weight. I plan on running a 5 mile race next weekend. I think I'm a little crazy, but I can do it.

I wore a cute running shirt that I got today for 50% off at the Athletic Annex (a.k.a. the really expensive but really nice running store). It was very comfy and cool. It not only will make a wonderful running shirt but also a fantastic riding shirt too!

Not only did I get my cardio in this weekend, I also worked my upper body by renovating Frosty's stall. Frosty decided to make a "nest" in his new stall. He basically dug a giant hole in the middle that he would sleep in during the day. It would not have been a problem, however, he started to hurt his hocks because the hole was pretty much all limestone and it was tearing off his skin. Christy was nice enough to let us fill in his hole with limestone and put stall mats on top. Now, he can't dig! If this doesn't work, the only other option is to turn him out 24/7. I'm not against this option, but he has a bit of a weight issue and would have to wear a grazing muzzle. It's also a pain in the rear end to keep a horse that is turned out 24/7 clean.

I had an excellent ride yesterday. We did some cross country fences and I had a blast. Frosty did pretty well, too. I really want to enter a three day event next summer, so the more work we get in this summer, the better. We have a cross country clinic in two weeks and I will ride well. Period.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So last week, I committed to trying to run in the morning. It hasn't happened...yet. I am NOT a morning person. I use to be, but then my sophomore year at Purdue I came down with mono. Ever since then, I have struggled to get up in the morning and require a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to feel adequately rested. Regardless, I'm slowly inching my alarm clock earlier each day to try and trick myself out of bed. I think when the sun starts coming up a little earlier it will be easier. I have, however, walked/jogged three times in the last week during the evening.

Last Thursday I got my 10% key ring from Weight Watchers. It was nice to make that milestone...again. This is actually the second time I've lost 10% of my body weight, but Weight Watchers doesn't recognize the weight I lost when I was doing the program online. It kind of stinks, but I understand why they do it that way. If I loose any weight this week it will be a miracle. I ate WAY too much over the weekend. I did choose healthy foods, but I ate too much. This was my first real fall from the wagon and I have managed to hop right back on as of Sunday evening.

I'm getting ready for another jaunt to the Hoosier Horse park on June 8 for some cross country training. The mini goal is to loose 3 pounds before then.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Thoughts...

I went to the gym tonight and had a FANTASTIC workout. 45 minutes of Cross Ramp (I still don't know what exactly that means...) for 3.5 miles, resistance 7 and I was in the cross training program that has a ton of hills. I burned 412 calories. I spent the next 30 minutes doing my usual weights. I managed to increase everything by 5 pounds, except the shoulder press. I'm having an "issue" with my left rotator cuff. I refuse to go to the doctor and have them prescribe physical therapy...or should I say, "A ridiculously expensive trip to a gym that my crummy insurance only covers for 4 sessions and the doctor will prescribe a MINIMUM of eight...." So, until my arm completely stops working, I'm living with it. I had a personal victory tonight. I leg pressed 250 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly. 250 pounds for 30 reps. I rule.

This weekend was fun. We went to our nephews first birthday party on Friday. He totally loved the Little People's farm we got for him. Of course, he is one so that meant that first he had to taste everything and then play with the box for awhile before he decided the toy was cool too. Saturday was busy. I got my hair cut, went to work for awhile, and then helped Jarrett do some gardening. Our yard is looking pretty nice this year. It hasn't rained in AGES so we've been watering almost everyday. The only plant that seems to have met an early death is the cilantro. I am fully convinced that someone is trying to prevent me from having cilantro in my diet. It's a long story, but let's just say the khaki pants conspiracy has a close relative called the cilantro conspiracy. We even found time to do a little shopping. I had to return some clothes to Anne Taylor and ended up picking up a few cute tops that were on a size 10! I was so excited I decided to try on some summer dresses while I was there and looked absolutely fab! They were, of course, not on sale, so I put them away to oogle another day. We also managed to find Jarrett some spiffy new clothes for my cousins wedding. His tie coordinates with my dress. Aren't we sweet??

My goal this week is to get up early and run...I am determined to work in 5 work out sessions this week and the only way I am possibly going to be able to achieve this is to get up early and run. I don't have enough time to go to the gym in the morning before work, so the next best thing is running for an hour before work. The tentative plan is to run Tuesday morning, ride Tuesday night, gym Wednesday, ride Thursday, run Friday morning. If I actually do this...I am buying myself a new pair of riding breeches. have been warned!

Monday, May 7, 2007


This weekend was pretty busy. Jarrett ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon on Saturday and did very well. We had a little pre-race party on Friday night with Jarrett's family and a post-race party with some of our friends on Saturday. All in all, it was a lot of fun and I MAY be convinced to run the Mini next May.

As for the conspiracy...Someone in fashion has decided the khaki pant is "out" this season. I am in desperate need of a pair of reasonably priced khaki pants that I won't feel bad if they get bakery goo on them. Why do I need these pants so badly??? I have been waiting for 8 weeks for my new sized uniforms to arrive and they STILL are not here. The only khaki pants I have are 6 sizes too big and make me look like some kind of hoodlum because they hang so low. Totally unacceptable for work! I have a business trip to another plant on Wednesday and I really, really NEED THE PANTS.

Sigh...So, I've spent hours shopping and purchased two pairs of pants. One is khaki, the other is taupe...I guess. I like them both, but I'm returning the khaki's because they cost twice as much as the other pair and I refuse to pay $40 for a pair of pants that will fit me for hopefully only another month. I'm between sizes right now and I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff I'm not going to wear again.

In other news, I went to the gym tonight. I haven't been in forever, so I was pretty happy that I managed to elliptical 4.2 miles in 42 minutes. I also did my usual weights. I am thinking about running a race at the end of May. I haven't totally convinced myself I can do it, so I haven't signed up yet. I know that I'm in much better shape then I give myself credit for, but I still have doubts in my running ability.

I have 5 more pounds to loose to make my next mini-goal...BMI of 25! I really hope to make it before my cousins wedding in two weeks, but I'm going to keep it real and be happy if I loose 3 of the 5 pounds.