Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lovely weather for a ride!

10.5 miles in 45 minutes. Traffic was heavy and I had to stop at 7 stop lights/signs. Not too shabby!

The triathlon ride is 10 miles and I know I can do it in less then 40 minutes. The roads at Eagle Creek are much smoother and race situations always make me go a little faster. I do need to take the bike to the shop and have my gears looked at. Shifting from the big wheel in front down is really rough. I almost always over shift and drop it to the small gear and there is a little grinding going on down there...

Warning: Food Content Ahead

I read Sarah's blog yesterday and felt the need to share my own foods laced with crack:

1. Diet Crack..I mean Coke - I have weaned myself to a mere two 12 oz cans a day.

2. Cheap Mexican from my favorite hole-in-the-wall with questionable sanitation :) I always order the same thing: #16 with a cheese enchilada.

3. Ruffles

4. Oreo's - I literally have not had an Oreo in 3 years because there is NO WAY I can control myself around them. If purchased, they will be devoured in no more then two sittings.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch - In a former life, I may in fact have devoured half a box of this crack laced creation for dinner...Hey, I'm not proud of it!

The bad thing is last night I had the vivid dream about Dairy Queen Thin Mint Blizzards. I woke up at 3:00 am to take care of the dog and could not stop thinking about them. I have never experienced a food dream before so I'm hoping they go away. For all you peeps who know what I do for a living...donut nightmares don't count! ;)

I did work out last night:

Swim: 650 meters

Run: 2 miles

We cheated and drove to the pool because Jarrett and I got home so late from work. I probably will ride my bike for awhile tonight since it is a beautiful day in central Indiana.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a week!

I had a pretty decent week.

Monday - Working dinner - We went to Rick's Boatyard and I had the Divers Scallops. The food was okay, but not fabulous.

Tuesday - Barn - My riding lesson was pretty good. Frosty is improving and we keep making small breakthroughs ever week.

Wednesday - Pool - Jarrett and I rode our bikes to the pool and swam for about 30 minutes. The workout was good and my swimming is improving.

Thursday - Rest - Thursday's are ROUGH for me. By Thursday work has officially kicked my butt. I ended up coming home and going to bed at 7:00 pm.

Friday - Pool - We rode to the pool again and swam around 40 minutes. I was pretty tired by the time we were done but the ride home was strong.

Saturday - Barn - Jarrett and I took a lesson together. His riding is starting to improve. :)

Sunday - Tour de Brownsburg - I needed to go to work for awhile today so I decided that I would ride my bike. I rocked the ride! It's about a 14 mile ride from our house to work and I have to traverse a horrible section of state highway. The ride into town was uneventful and pleasant. There was hardly any traffic at 9:00 on a Sunday. The ride home, however, was a little more intense. I had a lovely black Ford F-350 attempt to run me off the road while cursing at me. I kept my cool and had a nice laugh when they ended up sitting at a red light while I cruised up behind them. I smiled.

My goal for this week is to get a few runs in. I also need to get some new shoes to start breaking them in for the triathlon and decide what I'm going to wear for the race. I have yet to figure out exactly what kind of tri outfit I'll be most comfortable in. If you have any suggestions blogosphere - give me a holler!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spinning Wheel

I got to try out my new tires today! Jarrett decided I needed to upgrade my bike tires to something a little more durable. The roads in our area are less then pristine and the tires that came with my bike just could not take the abuse. I'm going to reserve judgement until I ride over to my pal Cyndi's place this weekend, but on my little 11 mile jaunt to the pool and back, they survived.

Ahh...the pool. My nemesis. I learned to swim as a child, and evidently have learned to sink as an adult. Seriously, I do not recall being such a poor swimmer. I did 650 meters in roughly 24 minutes. 90% of the time I was doing the breast stroke. Not the fast stroke in world, but at least I don't feel like I'm totally out of breath the entire time I'm in the pool.

I am going to attempt to go to the barn tomorrow night.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I am really tired after a super busy weekend. The horse show was great. I had a wonderful time and ended up with a 5th place ribbon. We had a bobble on the cross country course when Frosty ran out on jump #10. He saw the jump but spooked at the jump judge sitting in a lawn chair that was initially out of his line of sight when we turned the corner. Stadium jumping was completely clean and I got the best dressage score I have ever had. All in all, a positive experience.

I managed to drag myself to the pool today for a nice swim. It was around 600 meters. I had to call it quits a little early because I was starving and it was getting pretty late.