Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Another day at the gym

I did some "fake" running tonight on the elliptical. I claim it is fake running because it is much easier then "real" running. I HATE real running.

Distance = 5.2 miles
Time: 60 minutes + 5 minutes of cool down time
Calories = 585

I'm pretty slow, but I honestly don't think I have ever run 5.2 miles....ever.

Today was a HORRIBLE food day. We had lunch at work today and I could not help but eat two sugar cookies. My actual lunch was well proportioned. I had a small serving of pork loin, a medium serving of green beans, and a forkful of cheesy potatoes. I completely avoided the bread and cake!

I also decided that there are good healthy replacements for most foods, but some things you just cannot find a good substitute for. Here are a few:

Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing - The fat free version is NASTY. If you read the ingredients, you'll understand why. A normal consumer would not recognize over half the ingredients, let alone be able to pronounce them. I have decided that I will keep this condiment in the house and only use it sparingly. I really only eat it with my super low cal and extra tasty buffalo chicken tenders.

Smucker's Raspberry Jam - I have yet to find a good substitute for any kind of jam or jelly. The sugar free versions all taste like metal to me or have a very odd texture. I have committed to continuing to search for a suitable replacement, but I really don't eat enough jelly or jam to be terribly concerned about this one.

Cheese - Light cheese - good...Soy cheese GROSS I kept an open mind, but this one I've got to just stay away from.

Yesterday was a great food day and a wonderful horse day. Frosty was amazing. We are still having issues teaching him to canter, however, I think he will begin to progress much faster once I can get him back into the round pen. He is a very smart boy but he just doesn't really understand what we are asking him to do on the lunge line or under saddle when it comes to the canter. He will canter, however, he rushes and falls all over himself.

Belle is also feeling better. She had a rough few days after starting her Cushing's treatment. She is still a little tired, but she was much more active tonight. We can tell the treatment is working. She has slowed down when eating and drinks much less water.

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