Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week Re-cap

Tuesday - Run: 30 minutes - 3.0 miles
Wednesday- Went to the barn to ride
Thursday - Run: 50 minutes - 5.2 miles
Friday - Nothing - unless you count running around work as exercise
Saturday - Spinning - 45 minutes - Hill climbs and sprints

Please note the LACK of swimming this week. Yeah, Tuesday's swim was ruined by water aerobics hogging the gym pool and teenagers hogging the middle school pool. To be is their pool, but it screwed my week up! I missed my Thursday swim because a late work meeting followed by a trip to the salon. Work has also been extra special this week (insert sarcasm here). I'll just leave it at that.

In other news - Our floor finally arrived! It's only 14 days late! It will actually work out okay. Jarrett has Monday off for MLK day and he can work on the floor for an extra day. We are totally renovating the office, including new furniture, new paint, new French doors, and of course, new flooring. The paint looks awesome. Since the office it our official "Purdue Memorabilia" room, I painted it a lovely shade of Purdue Gold. The house is going to look great when the floor is done. After that, we just have to remodel the master bath and kitchen. Kitchen is going to wait until at least late next year. The master bath is our spring project.

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