Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week Ending 1/23/2009

Monday - Spinning - 60 minutes
Tuesday - Run - 40 minutes (3.5 miles)
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Run - 40 minutes (3.5 miles)/Core 60 minutes
Friday - Spinning - 60 minutes
Saturday - Nothing
Sunday - Run - 40 minutes (3.75 miles)

I lost 2 pounds this week making it a total of 6 since January 1st.

I missed a spinning workout scheduled for Saturday. The day got away from me as we laid more flooring. Only a small amount of wood left to install and then we have to do tile in the half-bath. I predict it will be March before the house is back together again!

My running is steadily improving. Two weeks until the Groundhog 7 miler. I think it's going to be a great race!

I saw the dermatologist on Friday about a worsening skin issue on the palms of my hands. I had a similar issue last summer on my fingers and wrists. Originally he diagnosed it as eczema. Now, however, he believes is psoriasis. He gave me a hefty shot of steroids on Friday and I'm on steroid pills for a week. The good news is the steroids are already working. The pain and itching is almost gone and my skin looks much better. The bad news is the steroids make me feel like total CRAP. :(

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