Monday, January 4, 2010

Training Has Started!

Saturday - Helped our friends Scott and Erica install insulation and a sub-floor in their basement. Lots of moving heavy stuff. Not technically a "workout" but I was sure tired after we were done!

Sunday - 60 minutes on the dreadmill and 20 minutes of core - 5.25 miles total

Monday - 45 minutes spinning and 20 minutes of core - Spin was focused on strength. We climbed for 90% of the class. I am transitioning to morning workouts to avoid the rush at the gym that is happening between 5-8 pm.

Tomorrow - Run and Swim

No weight gain over the holiday, but none lost either. Jarrett and I are both concentrating on our eating habits. So far, three solid days in a row of sticking to my nutrition plan. The goal is to drop at least 10 pounds with a strech goal of 20. Yeah, yeah...your not suppose to set "goal" weights. I'm staying away from the scale until Friday and hopefully I'll see some positive impact.

I'm welcoming my new year of HIM training with a coach! Check him out at My wonderful husband is working on creating his fantastic web page (still a WIP) in exchange for some much needed focused coaching for me. I feel more grounded already! Big thanks to David for all of the help and to Jarrett for all of his time!

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