Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Huh? Sorry, I couldn't hear you.

Morning (5:30 am)
Run - 25 minutes - 2.5 miles
Core - 20 minutes

Evening (6:00 pm)
Swimming - 1000 meters

Work is driving me nuts. It sounds like a very loud jackhammer/washing machine is trying to breakdown my office wall. Highly unpleasant. My office mate and I can only really stand to be in there for like 15 minutes at a time before we want to scream. This racket is due to an end of year project gone very, very wrong. Unfortunately, I was part of the process to install the monster living next door (it's a direct steam injection hot water system for the plant). The heater is awesome. We now have an unlimited supply of wicked hot water. The problem is the system is cavitating for some unknown reason and causing this awful noise. The equipment manufacturer can't make it to the plant until next Monday. That means another 3 days of the most ungodly noise ever. We have to wear earplugs...in our office. I'm serious.

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