Monday, August 18, 2008

Water, water everyhere

I had a pretty decent, if not incredibly busy weekend. I went to see Frosty on Friday and had a very lovely ride. Jarrett and I are going to make a very conscious effort to ride him as often as possible while the weather remains nice.

Saturday morning I went down to the White River and learned to water ski. Yes, I water skied on the river. It was actually a great place to learn. The water was warm and there was no chop to deal with. I made it to my feet on the 3rd pull! I can check one more item off my list of things to do before I'm 30.

Sunday I went to work for awhile and did some grocery shopping. Jarrett and I relaxed for a bit until it was time to head back to Lafayette for his riding lesson. Frosty was a good boy for me while we worked on some flat work. The bad part was him snapping his bridle. Alas, it was a cheapo ebay bridle and I'm not terribly sad to see it go.

Today I signed up for swimming lessons at the IUPUI Natatrium. Lessons start next Monday and meet on Monday and Wednesday nights. I signed up for the intermediate class because I do know how to swim, I just suck. This will be a good adventure for me. Not only am I going to have to go attempt not to make a fool of myself in the water, I will also have to drive downtown. We have lived in Indy for 4 years and I have only driven downtown by myself twice. Even more nerve racking, next week I have to drive to Chicago for a training class and will have drive in downtown Chicago. AAGGGHHH!

Jarrett and I rode our bikes to the pool tonight and I swam about 800 meters. I have a riding lesson tomorrow and plan to swim and run on Wednesday.

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