Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

The weekend was fun! Jarrett and I went to cheer on some of our horsey friends at a competition on Saturday. This competition was a USEA sanctioned event and a little pricey for my taste. I decided to sit it out this year. Frosty and I show for fun. We are never going to be nationally ranked. Competing at a recognized event brings with it a different atmosphere. The schooling shows I did this year were fun. They are meant for riders of all ages and levels to learn and receive constructive criticism. Sanctioned events are much more intense. There are LOTS of rules. You have to wear certain clothing. You can't use certain tack on your horse. You are subjected to random drug testing (of the horse, not the rider!). The judging is less constructive and sometimes down right mean. At this point, it looks like we are done showing for the season. Jarrett and I hope to make a trip down to Kentucky in late August with our barn mates to school at some of the cool cross country complexes in horse country. We may even get to ride the Rolex course.

Sunday we ran! I haven't done a long run in awhile, so we were a little slow. We did go 6.2 miles and I didn't feel like total crap on Monday. So I've got that going for me! I did get a blister on my right foot, but I am going to try a few different things this weekend at the ISO race. I've been using Body Glide and maybe I need to skip it.

I also had a fantastic ride on Sunday! I had not seen Frosty in like 9 days so he was pretty full of himself. We decided to release his pent up energy by working on jumping and he had a blast. It just reminds me if I had the time to ride him every day what kind of a talent he would be.

Monday I went to the pool and did 2000 meters followed by a 1.5 mile cool down run. The pool was a little on the warm side. The other gentleman swimming laps agreed that it felt like we were actually swimming in a hot tube instead of a pool. I was very pleased that the nice life guard let the two of us have an extra half hour of lap swim time while they got the pool ready for water aerobics. I've already made a mental note to bake the kid cookies.

Work is total chaos this week and I feel like it should be Friday by now. Alas, it is only going to be Wednesday. I have a lovely Wednesday evening bike ride to look forward to followed by a Thursday swim/run and a Friday rest day. Saturday is a 10K. I'll be sure to update you with my slow ass times ;) I may be slow, but at least I'm out there doing it!

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