Monday, June 30, 2008

Do I still follow WW?

"Do you still follow WW?"

This is the question posed by fellow blogger Michelle. The answer is, yes and no.

Yes: I still count my points, although it’s more of a mental tally then a true journal. I journal when I'm having issues or need to get back on plan. I basically eat the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch. The only meal I really change is dinner. This type of plan does NOT work for everyone! Most people would get bored eating the same thing basically everyday for the last two years. I, on the other hand, like my little routine. I eat a 3-point cereal bar for breakfast and a piece of fruit. For lunch I have yogurt with cereal (2 points), a micro meal of some variety (4-6 points), and sugar-free Jell-O (0 points). I do get creative with dinner; however, I will be the first to admit that in a pinch I run for my Trader Joe's 94% FF black bean burritos (8 points).

No: I have not attended a WW meeting in a looonnnnnggg time. I am not currently "paying" WW for any of their services. I like to think of myself as self-sufficient and basically cheap. I also have the privilege of having my own personal WW leader, Cyndi, at my disposal :) Cyndi is a wonderful friend and inspirational WW leader. If you are in the Indianapolis area, go to her meetings....or I will kick you ;)

Yes: I exercise regularly. Actually, now that I think about it, I exercise more now then when I was attending meetings and actively trying to loose weight. Go me!

No: I do not regularly get in my oils (if I do great, if not...tough), or take a multi-vitamin. I really have never been a fan of multi-vitamins and even after trying children's chewable have found myself completely incapable of actually remembering or wanting to take the stupid things.

WW is truly a change in life style. I know for a fact that I will have to be very careful about what I eat for the rest of my life. I honestly don't think there is a picture of me from the time I was 5 until I turned 27 that I'm not the chubby kid or the fat adult.

The other question that has been posed to me recently is "Why are you doing a triathlon? Isn't that a lot of work?"

My answer to you: Because I want to. I don't HAVE to do a triathlon. I don't NEED to do a triathlon. I want to do a triathlon. It is to prove to myself and no one else that I can do this. Ummm.."Isn't it a lot of work?" is. And yes, I have a busy life style. I work a lot and I play a lot. I am very lucky that my husband enjoys participating in the same things I am interested in and we can spend time together running, cycling, swimming, and enjoying our animals

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Michelle said...

Cool, thanks for answering :) I'm always curious to hear how people who reach their goal are living life after WW. I plan to keep doing the same things and wean myself off slowly. At least I won't have to pay once I get to goal. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE doing the triathlon if you like all the other events. It's like a day at the circus. Fun!