Monday, May 7, 2007


This weekend was pretty busy. Jarrett ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon on Saturday and did very well. We had a little pre-race party on Friday night with Jarrett's family and a post-race party with some of our friends on Saturday. All in all, it was a lot of fun and I MAY be convinced to run the Mini next May.

As for the conspiracy...Someone in fashion has decided the khaki pant is "out" this season. I am in desperate need of a pair of reasonably priced khaki pants that I won't feel bad if they get bakery goo on them. Why do I need these pants so badly??? I have been waiting for 8 weeks for my new sized uniforms to arrive and they STILL are not here. The only khaki pants I have are 6 sizes too big and make me look like some kind of hoodlum because they hang so low. Totally unacceptable for work! I have a business trip to another plant on Wednesday and I really, really NEED THE PANTS.

Sigh...So, I've spent hours shopping and purchased two pairs of pants. One is khaki, the other is taupe...I guess. I like them both, but I'm returning the khaki's because they cost twice as much as the other pair and I refuse to pay $40 for a pair of pants that will fit me for hopefully only another month. I'm between sizes right now and I don't want to buy a bunch of stuff I'm not going to wear again.

In other news, I went to the gym tonight. I haven't been in forever, so I was pretty happy that I managed to elliptical 4.2 miles in 42 minutes. I also did my usual weights. I am thinking about running a race at the end of May. I haven't totally convinced myself I can do it, so I haven't signed up yet. I know that I'm in much better shape then I give myself credit for, but I still have doubts in my running ability.

I have 5 more pounds to loose to make my next mini-goal...BMI of 25! I really hope to make it before my cousins wedding in two weeks, but I'm going to keep it real and be happy if I loose 3 of the 5 pounds.

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Cynthia said...

I totally hear you on the lack of acceptable khaki pants this season! Unlike my last three office jobs, denim trousers aren't acceptable at my current job, and that put a serious dent in my wardrobe.

I bought linen pants without realizing it. They were only $20 and they're lined, but wrinkle if I look at them funny. :P