Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another busy weekend

It seems like it has been ages since we actually had a weekend to just relax. This weekend was really busy. We were up earl on Saturday to start house work. We got a good chunk of cleaning done before we decided to head out to run some errands. Running errands ended up turning into a two hour adventure at the mall. We went to shop for a new rug for our breakfast room but ended up buying clothes instead. I needed clothes for my cousins up coming wedding and Jarrett needed jeans. It just so happened we hit an awesome sale. I found two new dresses that are very cute. I even found shoes on sale :)

Saturday night we went to a concert at the Vogue. Jarrett got tickets to see Patty Griffin. She is a folk singer from Nashville. She has a great and voice and a very good band. The best part was the show was non-smoking! I haven't been to a concert in almost two years, so it was nice to get out for an evening.

Sunday was another busy day. Riding lesson in the morning, a trip to Menard's to buy a new weed eater and finally a few hours of yard work. The yard looks very nice. Unfortunately, I lost two of my favorite flowers that we planted last year. Next weekend, we are going to find something to replace the ones that died.

It's going to be another busy week. Next weekend, Jarrett is running the Mini. I hope to be there to cheer him at the finish. I just have to get out of work at a reasonable time.

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