Monday, May 28, 2007

Run....sort of

I decided to run today. I've been jogging around the neighborhood for the last few weeks, but today was the first serious "run." Jarret and I went a little over six miles. I didn't die, so that is a positive. I am determined to become some sort of a runner. I will never be fast. My legs are just too short and stubby for speed. I am convinced that if I get into this running thing, I will make it to my goal weight. I plan on running a 5 mile race next weekend. I think I'm a little crazy, but I can do it.

I wore a cute running shirt that I got today for 50% off at the Athletic Annex (a.k.a. the really expensive but really nice running store). It was very comfy and cool. It not only will make a wonderful running shirt but also a fantastic riding shirt too!

Not only did I get my cardio in this weekend, I also worked my upper body by renovating Frosty's stall. Frosty decided to make a "nest" in his new stall. He basically dug a giant hole in the middle that he would sleep in during the day. It would not have been a problem, however, he started to hurt his hocks because the hole was pretty much all limestone and it was tearing off his skin. Christy was nice enough to let us fill in his hole with limestone and put stall mats on top. Now, he can't dig! If this doesn't work, the only other option is to turn him out 24/7. I'm not against this option, but he has a bit of a weight issue and would have to wear a grazing muzzle. It's also a pain in the rear end to keep a horse that is turned out 24/7 clean.

I had an excellent ride yesterday. We did some cross country fences and I had a blast. Frosty did pretty well, too. I really want to enter a three day event next summer, so the more work we get in this summer, the better. We have a cross country clinic in two weeks and I will ride well. Period.

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