Monday, April 9, 2007

An empty's a good thing.

I had a very pleasant long weekend. We rented a bunch of movies and pretty much stayed home and hibernated. Easter dinner consisted of tasty homemade enchilada's and guacamole...not exactly the traditional ham and green bean casserole! Sunday I went to visit Frosty and then came home and cleaned out our closet. Now, that was an adventure. I ended up cleansing the closet of six 45 gallon trash bags full of old clothes that either don't fit or even if they did fit should have been donated to Goodwill five years ago. My closet looks so empty!

We did make it to the gym today and after a very nice workout, we even ran into a few old friends. I found a new favorite machine called the Crossramp. It is difficult to describe, but it is kind of like constantly walking up a ramp through sand. It was a great workout and I burned about 250 calories. It is really interesting because you can adjust the "crossramp" to target different areas of your legs. I did the cross training program that works various leg muscles for short periods of time. It keeps you from getting tired too quickly.

This week is going to be tough. I have a bunch of work to get done before I leave for a conference next week.

I only have 1.5 pounds to loose before the horse show! I think I'm going to make it!

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