Friday, July 3, 2009

Broken :(

Tomorrow is the Carmel Freedom Run. It's a 4.5 miler that I have never done before. Last year, it poured down rain on Jarrett and Cyndi and I have to admit, I was really happy I chose to stay tucked in bed instead of running. Cyndi and I will be running without Jarrett again. He actually DID break his elbow in the bike accident. He has to keep the arm immobilized for another 8-days or so. This will be my first race in my new shoes. Wish me luck! I'm hoping everything goes as planned.

Training was great this week. Bike and run on Monday, riding lesson Tuesday, swim on Wednesday and Thursday, riding lesson with my hubby coaching on Friday. Jarrett actually has a pretty good eye for riding. He use to ride himself and has spent countless hours watching me and my lessons. Frosty was AWESOME this week. We seem to be having a bit of a saddle fit issue and may need to have the saddle fitter out to look at him. A horses body changes with their level of fitness. I'm riding more and he's eating less, so his muscle mass has changed.

With no work today, Jarrett and I went to Lafayette to have lunch with my parents and walk around Purdue. It amazes me how much the campus has changed in the last few years. We stopped at a few of our favorite places while we were in town. Triple XXX, an old drive-in that is a favorite of students was our lunch stop and the Frozen Custard was our dessert stop. Mmmmm....hamburgers and ice cream :)

I'll give you a race update tomorrow!

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