Monday, June 29, 2009

My first Oly!

I signed up for my first Olympic length triathlon today! The Tri Indy race is being held August 16th in the beautiful downtown Indy canal. Yes - we are swimming in a canal. Actually, this is specifically why I chose to do the Oly instead of a sprint. You see, the canal is only 4 feet deep. According to USAT article 4.2, you may stand on the bottom and rest as long as you do not make forward progress. Sweet. Seriously, I have improved greatly at the swim and now it's time to stretch myself.

Shoes news - I went to Athletic Annex on Saturday and got a new pair of kicks. So far so good! I ran in them tonight without any blistering! They are Mizuno Wave Alchemy. After watching me run, Mike determined that the super high level of motion control my Brooks had were actually causing me more harm then good. The Alchemy are still motion control shoes but they have a little more cushion in the arch. They are different but not different in a bad way.

My biking continues to improve. Jarrett and I have been riding to the pool two or three days a week. He runs while I swim. Tonight we had a little incident and Jarrett fell off his bike :( He bruised his arm pretty bad but swears it isn't broken.

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Wes said...

Hey! Congrats on signing up for your Oly!! and maybe you should encourage Jarret to be more careful ;-)