Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good run...great swim!

The race on Saturday was a good one...FINALLY! I finished the Freedom Fest 4.5 miler in an "unofficial" time of 44:13. Why unofficial, you ask? I lost my timing chip. This is the second time this has happened. I lost my chip for the Drumstick Dash at Thanksgiving too. This time, we went back to the car and took a little side trip to find a real potty before the race. At some point I dropped the chip packet between the seats in the car without realizing it. Oops. I found it as soon as we got back in the car to go home. I managed to finish with no blisters and all of my toenails! It's the small things that make you happy :)

I made it to the pool today and had one of my best swims ever. I was consistent, not winded, and comfortable in the water. Progress is being made!

Frosty and I have also seemed to have a breakthrough. I've been struggling this summer with jumping. Notice I say, I...not him. Although he plays a part, it is mostly me. Jarrett came out to the barn with me Friday and coached me over some fences. It went really well. I decided to do a repeat performance for my trainer Christy last night. Frosty was great, I was better then I have been in many months. Everything clicked and I corrected a lot of the stupid mistakes I've been making. In case you ever care to jump on a horse here are some good tips:
1. Do not look down at the jump. The horse looks where you look. He cannot look down at the jump and jump correctly. I promise.
2. Do not get ahead. He makes a mistake = you fall off.
3. Have fun!

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