Sunday, May 3, 2009

Further reflection on the Mini after a night of restless sleep....

I'm still pretty happy with my race yesterday but I did wake up this morning feeling much better then I anticipated. This means: A - I ran a race that was at my current fitness level and therefore I should be happy or B - I did't push nearly hard enough and there should be a few more aches and pains this morning had I really fought for a great race. I'm leaning towards A. This morning makes me want to run more and race more. I feel good. I feel human again. I ran 13.1 miles without worrying about my job. This is about me. Not about anyone else. My focus for the next month is eating right, getting more workouts in, and spending time with my family.

I'll leave you with my quote of the day: "Run with a pace and walk with a purpose." There was a drill seargent working one of the water stations during the Mini who happened to be shouting this mantra while we ran by. I thought it was an interesting quote. I am getting much better at running with a pace. My half marathon pace is a 10:30 mile. I don't have an issue with walking with a purpose. My goal is to only walk through water stations with a maximum of a one minute break. I didn't quite make it for the Mini but I did for the last half I ran in October. It's a goal and I'll get back there again by the end of the summer.

Time to go see the horse and spend some time at the barn!

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