Monday, May 11, 2009

And the countdown begins...

We are a 9 working days away from our cruise to the Caribbean! I'm SO ready to go. After this weekend, I just need to take a deep breath and keep myself from screaming.

I had an incredibly interesting riding lesson on Sunday. Daniel Stewart, current bio mechanics coach of the US Equestrian Team came to the farm and did a Symmetry and Balance clinic. First, he video taped us riding for about 15 minutes. Walk, trot, canter, and jumping a small cross rail. Then he analyzes the footage and you watch it with him frame by frame. He looks for issues with your body position. I was pleasantly surprised at the footage. My position was MUCH better then the last time I watched a video of myself riding. I need to work on keeping my leg slightly back and my knees a little more bent but overall I was happy. My jumping position needs a lot of work. I ride extremely defensively because Frosty has been a bit of a jerk jumping this year.

The puppies are good. Maddie had a bit of an incident tonight involving a DVD. She decided to eat part of it. I think she will be fine, but we will be watching her closely for the next couple of days. She hasn't chewed anything inappropriate in months, so I'm not sure what possessed her tonight.

Jarrett and I went to Cincinnati this weekend to visit our newest nephew, Ryan Matthew. Mom and baby are great and the kid is super cute. :) I'll post pictures later.

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