Friday, November 28, 2008

Gooble Gooble

Happy Black Friday! Please go spend money (please make it money that you need to go into debt this holiday season) and help jump start the economy. Even better, if you can, donate to your favorite charity. Even a small donation will help. The fact that the economy is suffering puts a huge burden on charitable organizations. Either people choose not to donate because they do not have extra money or they are finding themselves reaching out to these charities for help that they have not sought in the past.

I am not participating in the "Biggest Shopping Day of the Year." Instead, I am at work. I am hot, sweaty, dirty, and tired. Sigh. The weather would have been perfect today for my 60 mile ride to Lafayette, but instead, I am at work. I cannot complain too much. I realize there are many people who are out of jobs at this time and I am fortunate enough to work in a business that keeps growing.

Thanksgiving was nice. Jarrett and I ran our annual Thanksgiving 4.5 miler in Broad Ripple. It was a frigid 26 degrees at the start of the race. I clocked a time of 43 minutes which equates to 9:55/mile. I didn't have a chip time because my chip got lost at some point before the race. I remember someone stepping on my foot as I milled through the crowd of 7, 000 but it never occurred to me that perhaps I should make sure my chip was still attached. Boo. All in all, the race was fun. I wasn't feeling great the first few minutes after the finish but I recovered quickly after getting a little bite of food in my stomach and a drink of water. I actually got too hot from wearing too many clothes. This is a huge issue with my cold weather runs. I am freezing while waiting for the start and the first half mile and then I get too hot. I guess I just need to suck it up and wear less clothes.

We spent the afternoon with Jarrett's family and then had a quiet evening at home with the animals. We adopted a cat from the Humane Society a few weeks ago and after having her declawed we are working on getting her acclimated to life with our sheltie, Amelia (Mimi). Mimi loves her kitty sister. Chloe the kitty, however, still isn't 100% sure Mimi isn't going to try something sneaky. They did manage to give each other kisses on the noses yesterday which was very cute.

Now I have to decide whether I am going to decorate for Christmas. I am not feeling the joy of the season this year. No one will be visiting our house to see our tree or festive decorations and honestly the dog and cat probably won't notice if there isn't a tree this year.

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