Monday, October 6, 2008

Is it really only Monday? I feel like it should be Friday. I have spend WAY too much time at work in the last 14-days. I know its bad when I start having dreams about the place and wake up wondering if they were real.

The weekend was not a total loss. I organized a solid Saturday. I woke up early and rode my bike to work. It was a great ride. It was cold enough to break out the cold weather Under Armour. The ride was surprisingly fast. There was no traffic and although I left just before dawn, I felt comfortable in my reflective gear. Jarrett picked me up after a few hours of problem solving at the plant and we headed to West Lafayette to watch Purdue loose to Penn State. It was kind of sad. Then we headed to the barn to see Frosty. He was a very good boy and I am happy to say he has taken to his grazing muzzle quite well. No fussing or pulling at it.

My goals for this week:
1. Swim Wednesday and Thursday
2. Ride to work on Friday??? (I've got to check my morning calendar. If I have an early meeting it will spoil my plans)
3. Run - Seriously - I really need to run.
4. Stay on plan all week. I ate way too much this weekend. Pretzel and popcorn at the football game and a double cheeseburger and fries from Wendy's on Sunday night. My moment in indiscretion came after 12 hours of work, very little breakfast, no lunch, and an enormous amount of stress. Alas, it was good.

Have a wonderful week - I would be shocked if I am sane enough to write again before next week.

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