Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Frosty

I didn't race on Saturday. I slept. All day. It is now Wednesday and I am "almost" willing to say I feel better. I'm giving it another day to make sure the feeling lasts. I did manage to get out for a swim on Monday and I rode Frosty on Sunday and Tuesday. I'm pretty sure it was viral...low grade fever, headache, general malaise. My doctor pisses me off so I didn't bother with a visit to his office. I am changing doctors in 2009 due to his complete lack of focus when he sees me. Seriously, I paid this guy $120 for 3 minutes of his time. Alright, my insurance company paid him, but that is the kind of crap that is indicative of the health care crisis our country is in.

Below is a picture of us on Sunday. Frosty is F A T this year. The weather kept the grass growing all summer and he is a big piggy. How do you fix a fat horse? Grazing Muzzle! I just ordered Frosty's grazing muzzle from Schneider's. He will hate it for a few days, but eventually they adjust. I ride him as often as I can and still cannot keep the weight off, so this is the best alternative option. Yes, I am a cruel horse mother. Good thing the barn help will actually be the ones putting it on him and I'll be the nice mommy that rescues him from the evil muzzle when I get to see him. :) Seriously - It is not cruel. It is more inhumane to allow him to stay heavy and potentially cause sever damage to his feet and legs.

There are only 17 days until my half-marathon. Jarrett is in hard core training mode and I am in denial. I haven't run in two weeks. Besides feeling like total crap, my motivation has gone MIA. I will run this week. I will bike this week. I will ride this week. No more excuses.

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