Monday, July 19, 2010

Morse Park Sprint Tri

Race: Morse Park Sprint Tri
Date: June 26, 2010
Location: Morse Park - Nobelsville, IN
600 meter swim, 13 bike, 3.2 run

This was a new race for me. I've been training at Morse this year so it made sense to do a race on my "home" turf. I got to the race site INSANELY earl. It usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get all the way to Noblesville from Avon. When you leave at 5:30 am on a Saturday - it takes 25 minutes. I got a great parking spot and was the first person in transition. I set my stuff up and then pitched in helping the race coordinators get the rest of the racks set-up and labeled. About an hour before the race I met up with the rest of my training friends and we chatted for a few minutes. Jen and Kristen were only one bike rack away. They told me the race was wetsuit legal so I decided to go back to my car and grab my suit. I wasn't gone more then 5 minutes. I came back to find that someone had moved my bike. I was seriously pissed. There were two people standing at the rack putting a bike in the spot my bike use to hang. I approached them and simply said, "It is not cool to move peoples bikes. Please move remove your bike from my spot." The woman and gentleman stared at me and he stuttered - "we didn't move it...some other guy did." At the same time, there were a couple people standing behind them shaking there heads no. In the end they moved the bike, the entire time insisting that they never touched it. After it was over, the girls and I were chatting and we all thought the couple looked very familiar. After some Internet research after the race, Jen figured out that it was Indy Car driver Alex Tagliano and his wife Bronte. It was her first triathlon. I hope she learned that it is not cool to touch other peoples stuff!

Swim: 600 meters - 16:03
The swim was fine. It felt slow and long but I got out of the water with a clear head and hustled to transition. TJ was our swim starter and Kristen, Jen, and I all started one after the other. My swim was a bit long because my sighting was WAY off. I'm not sure what I was looking at, but it sure as heck wasn't the first buoy!

T1: 2:11.2 - Not bad considering I had to strip my wetsuit!

Bike: 45:52.3 - 18.6 mph - WHAT??? Best Bike EVER! Seriously! I killed this bike course. Considering I wrecked the week before and was still recovering from serious road rash and stitches. I was thrilled. It was flat and fast with just a few rollers.

T2: 1:52.3 - Another good transition!

Run: 27:00 - 9:00 min/mile - AWESOME! So proud of this run!

This was a great race and I will do it again. Probably not next year because of conflicts, but it will be on my list of favorites.

Overall time: 1:33:01 - Placed 8 out of 21 in my age group!

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