Monday, July 19, 2010

Eagle Creek Sprint Triathlon #2

Race: Eagle Creek Sprint
Location: Eagle Creek Reservoir
Distance: 500 meter swim,, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run

This was my ninth triathlon and my sixth time racing Eagle Creek.

Swim - Uneventful - 14:25.6 - Course PR without a wetsuit. The reservoir was 83 degrees. I'm slowly working on reducing my swim times. One of these days I'll get it under 12 minutes. I cand do it in the pool, I just need to translate it to the lake.

T1 - 1:42.8 - T1 PR

Bike - 35.02.9 - 17.1 mph - Course PR - No wrecks today. I was very cautious on the bike. Very, very cautious.

T2 - 1:51 - T2 PR

Run - 30:00.4 - 10:00 - Course PR - The run was tough and hot.

Total Time: 1:23:02 - Course PR by 4 minutes

The race felt good but I would later realize I was seriously under hydrated. I bonked hard on Sunday. It took me almost two full days to get my body chemistry back in check. I didn't realize it until much later that I was probably dehydrated going into the race and it just got worse.

I have one more race at Eagle Creek this year. It will be my third anniversary of my first triathlon - the Go Girl. I'm interested to see how it goes. It will be then end of my local racing season and the last race before Augusta. I'm excited and nervous about Augusta. I have to get my nutrition/hydration under control. I only drank a quarter of a bottle on the bike on Saturday and it was not nearly enough, even if it was only a sprint. More fluids, better race week nutrition, more electrolytes....

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