Saturday, December 19, 2009

New 5K PR!

At the last minute I decided to run the 5K's of Christmas. Cyndi and I got to the race super early because we hadn't pre-registered. After signing up, we headed to Le Peep for a light breakfast. I thought I may regret it, but it ended up being totally okay. I finished in 28:39 - 45 seconds faster then last weekend! Sweet!

We found a lovely home to rent in Augusta for the HIM. They are even going to allow us to bring our dogs! Staying in a hotel was not really appealing to me. I want to be able to cook my own food before the race and this was a great option. Jarrett's mom and step-dad will also be traveling with us so it works out great to have a 4 bedroom house to share. Having the dogs will make it much less stressful for me. I always worry about them when we are gone even though my parents are wonderful pet sitters. Plus, I will get to cross the finish line and see their fuzzy smiling faces waiting for me!

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