Monday, December 14, 2009

Augusta Bound!

I did it! I am officially signed-up for Augusta 70.3! 285 days until race day! I figure now is the time to start planning my 2010 race schedule.

January - Nothing looks very interesting, so I probably won't race in January.
February 7th - Groundhog 7 Miler - Umm...IT'S FREE! Awesome!
February 20th - Polar Bear 5 Miler
March 3rd - Spring Fling 15K - It's in Plainfield, literally miles from our house. There is no excuse not to run this one!
March 27th - Sam Costa Half Marathon - Maybe...
April 18th - Bricks to Bricks 10 Miler
May 8th - Mini Marathon

Triathlon season starts in June. No one seems to have their race calendars updated yet so as soon as I have a game plan, I'll post it. I know I will be doing at least 1 Olympic and 3 sprints. The last decision is whether I put a marathon in for October or November. I will be heading to Madison, WI in July for WIBA. It's a chance to train with other triathletes on the Ironman Wisconsin course. It will be a great chance to get in a long open water swim and some great biking. Plus, it's free. Seriously!

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