Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jarrett and I started our day with our 3rd annual running of the 4.5 mile Drumstick Dash. This is one of my favorite races of the year. The morning was cold and rainy and honestly, staying in bed asleep sounded like a great idea, but we did manage to drag ourselves across town to Broadripple and even managed to score a decent parking spot! I finished in a new Drumstick Dash record of 43:41.8. Just to put this in perspective - I ran my first Dash in 53:22.7! Last year was somewhere around 45 minutes. I lost my stupid timing chip during the race after getting stepped on and I don't have an official record of the time. Needless to say, I'm happy! I'm running a 5K on December 12th and that will wrap up race season for 2009.

The house is almost decorated for Christmas. The big tree and a majority of the decorations are done. We just need to put up the little tree upstairs and maybe a few exterior lights. It looks like we are having Jarrett's family over for Christmas on December 26th. I don't mind hosting, but it is a little stressful having 12 people, two dogs, and a cat running around the house. It will be fun, but exhausting. It's a good thing I have until January 4th to recover before I go back to work!

I'll post some new pictures of my early Christmas present. Jarrett bought me a Cervelo P2 triathlon bike. It is awesome. The guys at A1-Cyclery gave me a fantastic price on a closeout 2009 model. They've been trying to sell me this bike for like a year. This weekend they got the price right. I had my fitting today and they had to make a few modifications to the aero bars so I get to bring her home tomorrow. Now...she just needs a killer name and a great race to break her in!

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