Monday, August 24, 2009

And the race is on!

I have decided that HIM Augusta 2010 is going to be my race. I had a very difficult time choosing between Augusta and Florida. The main reason I went with Augusta is the time. September 2010 is 13 months from now. I will be ready. Florida is 9 months away. I could be ready, but I would also be missing running the Mini and the chance to get a few more sprints under my belt before the big race.

I bought my first wetsuit today! It is a Blue Seventy Reaction. I got it for a steal at the end of the season sale at my local bike shop. I tried on a total of four suits before settling on the Reaction. It fit, the price was right, and I hope to get a chance to use it this weekend at the last tri of the season.

In other news - Jarrett finished his first sprint triathlon last weekend! I am very proud of him. He has committed to doing another next year but has no desire to train for a HIM.

The fuzz kids are great. Maddie, our rescue sheltie, is doing very well. Mimi is as adorable as ever and Chloe the kitty thinks she rules the house. Frosty has made AMAZING progress this summer. After our last disastrous horse show, he and I have made some great strides. I've had to work through some fear issues from a rather nasty fall early in the summer, but I think I've got that all behind me now.

The house is coming along nicely. We just replaced the carpet in the majority of the house. We put down some nice laminate flooring in our spare room and master closet and are in the process of choosing a nice wood or laminate for our first floor. After the floors are done we're moving on to our master bath. Other then the house being in a constant state of disarray, it is starting to look really nice.

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