Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tick tock goes the tri clock

It has been a busy few weeks! After my sub-spectacular swim last week, I headed to Chicago on business. I love the city and it was nice to get away from work for a few days while getting my learn on at a class at University of Chicago. Needless to say, I ate WAY too much and worked out WAY too little last week.

I did manage to redeem myself with a 4-mile run on Monday evening and an enjoyable day with my horse on Sunday.

The countdown has begun: 3 days until tri-day! I received my packet in the mail on Saturday and was bummed to read that the swim may be cancelled due to rampant blue-green algae in the reservoir. They will make the official decision later this week and if we get the rain predicted, the swim may very well happen.

Now on to bigger things - My first marathon! Jarrett and I decided we are going to run our first marathon next fall. He wants the first big race to be a "destination" race. I've narrowed it down to a few. Feel free to weigh-in on which we should choose!

ScotiabankToronto Marathon - Toronto, ON - September - Why Toronto? I LOVE CANADA :)

Whistle Stop Marathon - Ashland, WI - October - We have friends in Wisconsin and it is one of my favorite states to visit.

ING New York City Marathon - NY, NY - November - I've never been to NYC and racing seems a great excuse to go.

So there are like a million more to choose from. If you have a favorite...that is not the Boston (I'm WAY too slow to qualify) send it my way!

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