Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Winter - GO AWAY!

Today is the first "snow" day I've had in 13 years. Indianapolis is covered in a slippery layer of ice and I am firmly trapped inside my house. Tomorrow I will be forced to leave the cocoon and go back to work. Luckily, Jarrett has agreed to drive me since he has the car with 4 wheel drive. It is frustrating being stuck. I've missed three days of workouts because of the storm. Tomorrow will be a long night at the gym.

I've been working on my 2011 race schedule. Here's the tentative version:

2/6/2011 - Groundhog 7 - Highly unlikely this race is going to happen. The trail is covered in ice and it is not suppose to warm up by Sunday to melt the mess.
3/26/2011 - Sam Costa 13.1
4/10/2011 - Holy Half 13.1
4/23/2011 - Wabash Valley Pony Club Horse Show
5/7/2011 - Indianapolis Mini Marathon
5/15/2011 - Rev3 Knoxville Half Iron (70.3)
6/4/2011 - Sunburst 13.1
6/26/2011 - Couer d'Alene Ironman 140.6
8/7/2011 - Tri Indy Olympic
8/27/2011 - Go Girl Sprint
9/11/2011 - Rev3 Cedar Point Half Iron (70.3)

I may do some shorter foot races and some bike time trails throughout the summer. Depending on how I feel after CdA, I may do a sprint in July. The current plan is to take the month and recover from the race. I am hoping that I feel well enough after about two weeks to get back into training and possibly racing.

My biggest struggle right now is my stupid feet. I got fitted for custom orthotics at the end of December. They are doing wonders for my knees and hips but they are tearing up my arches. I bought new shoes and I'm taking those back this weekend. After logging 13 miles in them, the blisters on my arches say NO MORE! I'm moving into a more neutral shoe to see if that helps.

I logged 39.5 hours of training in January and I feel pretty comfortable with my base level of fitness at this point. I cannot wait to get back outside. I'm going crazy being in they gym for hours! I need the fresh air and the wind in my face!

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