Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sometimes you just need to rest

What a week! We did a "mock" triathlon on Monday. 1.2 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 3 mile run. Very successful training day for everyone who participated. Jarrett was kind enough to kayak for the group and then joined us for the ride. He just upgraded his bike to a Trek Madone. It's super awesome and he can "almost" keep up with me! I had a bit of a breakdown at swimming on Tuesday. After spending some time talking to my coach and reflecting on the last 6 weeks, I realized I was just tired. I needed a day off. Wednesday was the first day in a month that I didn't train or ride Frosty. Trust me here people - riding a 1400# horse is not always easy! I woke up feeling much more alive on Thursday and now I'm actually looking forward to the Sunburst.

Next weekend is my next 40K bike TT race. I've been really working on my cycling and I'm hoping to improve my time by a few minutes. I've reassessed my pre-race plan and will be increasing my calorie intake slightly prior to racing. I just plain ran out of juice for the last race.

Time to back for South Bend! I'll have a race report out next week!

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