Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boiler Sprint Race Report

The Boiler Sprint Triathlon was held April 25th in West Lafayette, IN. The swim was held in the Boiler Aquatic Center and the bike and run took place on the outskirts of Purdue's campus. The weather the day before the race was wet and cold. I woke up about 4:30 am to pack my bikes and head up to Lafayette. Jarrett was sweet enough to make the trip with me as my faithful sherpa. When we left Indy, it was raining. As we approached Lafayette, the skies were gray but no rain.

The swim was a 400 meter pool swim. I finished the swim in 10:13:65, including the run to transition. Jarrett timed my actual swim time and it was closer to 9:30.

T1 was 3:02:28 - It was very cold and getting my longsleeved shirt and bike jersey over my trisuit took WAY too long.
The bike started out great with speeds around 18-20 mph. Then came mile 6. We turned a sharp corner and there was the giant hill from the elevation map that I checked out the night before the race. I made it half way up and ended up walking the bike the rest of the way. I wasn't the only one. There were at least a dozen people doing the same thing. More hill work for me!! At the start of mile 9 - the freezing torrential ran started. The last 3.5 miles were pure torture. Bike time was 47:19 for a 12.5 mile ride with an average pace of 15.7 mph.

T2 was not timed for some reason. It seemed slow. I was freezing and my shoes were filled with water. I shoved on the running shoes and took off for a very wet 3.2 mile run. By mile 2 I had some serious blisters on my feet. Run time was 30:58:55 with a pace of 9:59/mile. Total race time was 1:31. I managed to start the season faster then I finished the season last year so that says something for my current traini

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