Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's been a long time

I haven't had time to even think about blogging in like two weeks. The month of June is almost over and I dare say that most of it is a total blur. It seems this year has gone by very quickly. Work is darn near killing me. I will say the stress has helped with my weight loss and I am now only 9 pounds from my WW goal, but it has also started to make me feel old. I am just waiting for a week that is calm and productive.

My parents came to town this weekend for my cousins high school graduation party. It was very nice to spend time with them. The dogs were so happy to see them! Amelia spent Saturday night pouting and laying by the guest bedroom door. My mom and I went shopping on Saturday and I purchased some new summer clothes that fit. Now, I have a nice dress to wear for our 5-year anniversary dinner and some new outfits for my trip to Nashville, TN at the end of the month.

With all of my work issues, I haven't had much time to ride Frosty :( I actually missed my lesson today because I had to go in to work. Jarrett kindly went in my place. He said it went very well and that I have done a good job with Frosty's training. Last weekend, I did have a chance to take him to the Hoosier Horse Park for a cross country clinic and had a BLAST! I jumped some of the biggest things I've ever jumped and Frosty acted like an old pro...until the ditch. I couldn't get him over the ditch and I ended up falling off. It is something we are going to have to school on at home and then tackle it again next time.

Well, I have an early morning ahead of me...Good night!

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Cyndi said...

Five years - Wow!

I'm sorry I missed your call. I had a chance to get to the gym for the first time in weeks and just couldn't pass that up.

Of course, I just wouldn't be me if I didn't forget something. I do NOT recommend peep-toe pumps as proper cycling foot attire!